Maine Lobster Tours

Lobster Tours From Wells Harbor, MAine

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Family Fun Is Our goal

Our goal is for everyone on board to have a great time on our Maine lobster tours.

maine lobster tours

Hold Live Lobsters

People love pulling up the traps and then interacting with the live lobsters.

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Super Fast Booking

Book your family and kid-friendly lobster boat tour in just a few clicks.

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Maine Lobster Tours

2 Hours

It’s time to pull the lobster gear! On our Maine lobster tours, we head out to check some traps, where everything is as hands-on or hands-off as you would like. You will learn about lobsters, as well as the billion-dollar lobster industry. We don’t always catch just lobster, there is a chance for sand dollars, starfish, crabs, fish, and even a sea horse. You will be allowed to keep up to one legal lobster per person.  If time allows a short scenic cruise will finish the trip off.

*6 person max

Lobster Tours Common Questions

It’s typically about 15 degrees colder on the water. Make sure you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, jacket/sweatshirt and rain gear. Wear waterproof shoes or sandals there is chance your feet may get wet. If you have any sort of medications for allergic reactions please bring those with you, as well as your food and drink.

The maximum number of people allowed on our Maine Lobster Tours is six people and each person gets to bring home a lobster!

Hard alcohol is not allowed on board. Beer and wine for those over 21 years old are allowed but the captain may cancel the trip at any time if he feels someone’s behavior is no longer safe for themselves or other passengers. Illegal drugs are prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation. Cancellations due to drugs or alcohol will not result in any form of a refund.

Every person reacts differently to the ocean. If you have never been on the ocean or if you know you get sea sick make sure to take motion sickness pills like Dramamine or Meclizine before arriving at the dock or as the directions state or they will have no effect. Keep in mind alcohol can make the likelihood to be sea sick much higher. 

We are adding more boats to our fleet and with the increased bookings we rolled out a very easy to use online booking system where you can schedule your Maine Lobster Tour in a few clicks. This allows Captain Derek to spend his time providing great lobster tour, fishing charter, sunset cruises, and boat tour experiences.

All our charters are private to one group and our pricing is based on per boat versus per person. This is a lobster tour, educational trip, site-seeing cruise, and fun time on the water for you and your family or friends.

Keep in mind our captains have their USCG Masters Captains license.

All prices are per boat NOT per person and only your group will be on the boat. Clients usually tip the same way as they do in a restaurant. 15-20% is the norm if you feel your captain did what he could to make sure you had a fun time on the water. We do our best to go above and beyond for all clients. All trips require a $100 deposit that will be made upon booking your trip through our online booking system.

All cancellations must be made 7 days before the scheduled trip to receive a refund on deposit. If the cancellation is less than 7 days you will not receive a refund for your deposit and you will also be charged for the full charter if we cannot book the cancelled date.

The captain has the right to cancel a trip at any time for weather or mechanical failure. If the trip is canceled before it leaves the dock the trip will be fully refunded if arrangements for another day cannot be made. With your safety in mind rain and cold are not normal grounds for cancelations of trips. If you choose to cancel a trip for your comfort, you will be charged the full trip rate. If a trip is terminated mid trip it will then be charged as an hourly rental rate.

With that said, rain typically is not a reason to cancel a trip as the fish are already wet so they don’t care if it’s raining! We do sometimes make exceptions however for kid’s trips and sunset cruises. The wind/marine forecast is what matters to us.

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A fun time out on the water interacting with lobsters!