Inshore Fishing Charters

Striper and bluefish Fishing From Wells Harbor, Maine

We get to enjoy the beauty of the Maine coastline while providing fishing charters for Stripers & Bluefish. In the Wells area, we are lucky enough to have access to a variety of different types of coastline to fish. We have multiple beaches, rugged rocks, cliffs, and even a few islands all within a short ride from Wells Harbor. We not only have the ability to run multi boat trips with our two boats but we work with a lot of other great captains for even more possibilities!!

Maine fishing charters

Most Popular Inshore Fishing Trip

4 Hours

Striped Bass will be our main focus on these fishing charters with an occasional bluefish or sea-run trout. The fishing changes daily off the coast of Maine and fishing out of Wells allows us to adapt to daily changes because of our available diverse coastline. We have the ability to fish multiple beaches, as well islands, cliffs, and everything in-between.

*5 person max unless a family with young kids

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Longer Inshore Fishing Charters

6 Hours

These are the same as our 4-hour Maine fishing charters they just offer a little more time if 4 hours isn’t quite enough. It also allows us to venture a little further as well. This is an ideal day trip for avid fishermen (or women!) who really want to see Maine’s coastline by fishing rocky areas, cliffs, and even islands.

*5 person max unless a family with young kids

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Maine striper fishing charter services

Kids Fishing Charters

2 Hours

These fishing charters are ideal for younger kids or ones new to fishing. Two hours is just the right amount of time for the kids to learn a few things and have some fun! There is nothing like watching kids with smiles from ear to ear reeling fish in! On these trips, we target mackerel and harbor Pollock mostly, with an occasional striper. Seals are also a very common sight! The bottom line these trips are for the kids so whatever makes them happy we will do it!

*6 person max regardless of age

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Our captains have spent their lives fishing in Maine and have vast knowledge.

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Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Ground fish, Shark, & Tuna Fishing From Wells Harbor, ME

The Gulf of Maine offers us a variety of fishing opportunities! We can go to ledges and offshore humps to target groundfish such as Cod, Haddock, Pollock, Cusk, Hake, and sometimes even Halibut. If you are feeling something with a little more teeth we can hit the deep water for sharks! Or if you’re looking for the king of the Atlantic we can try and battle with the Giant Bluefin Tuna! Heading offshore will also give you the chance to see whales, dolphins, and even basking sharks!

Deep sea filet fish

Deep Sea Ground Fishing Charters

8 Hours

This is our most common offshore trip. They are meant to fill the freezers! On this trip, we will typically head to Jeffries Ledge, which is closed to commercial fishing so the fish are plentiful! Jigs and bait will both be used to target primarily Haddock, Cod, Pollock, and Cusk with a Hake or Redfish mixed in every now and then. Halibut are also on the prowl! All legal fish will be filleted and ready for you to take home and enjoy!

*6 person max with only 5 people fishing at a time

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Deep sea shark fishing

Shark Fishing Charters

8-10 Hours

If you’re an adrenaline-seeking person shark fishing is what you are looking for! We have several species of sharks in the Gulf of Maine. Blue sharks being the most common, we also target Mako, Thresher, and Porbeagle. It is a blast fighting these toothy critters on light tackle! Once you hook a Mako you better hold on because once they know they are hooked that couple hundred-pound fish is going to show off its areal acrobatic skills!

We typically fish the same areas for both the 8 and 10-hour trips the only difference is the amount of time you would like to spend on the water.

*5 person max

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Tuna fishing charter

Tuna Fishing Charters

10+ Hours

The Gulf of Maine offers some of the best Giant Bluefin Tuna fishing in the world! The fish travel to our bait-rich waters in the summer and fall to fatten up before they begin their yearly spawning migrations. There is nothing like hooking up to a Giant Bluefin they are the second fastest and some of the largest fish in the ocean, their sheer power and beauty are just amazing! There are years when “football” Bluefin shows up and they are a blast on standup and fly gear but the average fish range from 300-800 pounds with fish over 1000 pounds being caught every year!

Tuna trips are a little different than other trips. Trip times and lengths can vary depending on a number of variables, with 10 hours being on the shorter side of the trips. Some trips may begin at 3 AM and run until the afternoon while others may start mid-day and continue past dark. It’s also not uncommon for trips to begin before first light and last until after sunset. The trips typically begin with catching bait and then running to the tuna grounds where we either sit on the ball or drift.

*4 person max 3 is ideal

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Fishing Charters Common Questions

What should I wear and bring for the trip?

It’s typically about 15 degrees colder on the water. Make sure you bring sunglasses, sunscreen, jacket/sweatshirt and rain gear. Wear waterproof shoes or sandals there is chance your feet may get wet. If you have any sort of medications for allergic reactions please bring those with you, as well as your food and drink.

Do we need a fishing license?

You don’t need a fishing license as our license covers everyone on board. We have a six person maximum on all fishing charters. Our captains have USCG Masters Captain Licenses as well.

Am I allowed to bring my own gear?

We typically do not allow personal gear on board. Our fishing boats are set up with all the needed gear and additional gear can be in the way and become dangerous.

Is alcohol allowed onboard?

Hard alcohol is not allowed on board. Beer and wine for those over 21 years old are allowed but the captain may cancel the trip at any time if he feels someone’s behavior is no longer safe for themselves or other passengers. Illegal drugs are prohibited and will result in immediate cancellation. Cancellations due to drugs or alcohol will not result in any form of a refund.

Will I get sea sick?

Every person reacts differently to the ocean. If you have never been on the ocean or if you know you get sea sick make sure to take motion sickness pills like Dramamine or Meclizine the night before and before arriving at the dock or as the directions state if not taken properly they will have no effect. Keep in mind alcohol can make the likelihood to be sea sick much higher.

How do I book my fishing charter?

As we are adding more boats to our fleet we have twice the number of bookings and now have an easy to use online booking system where you can schedule your Maine fishing charter and make your down payment within a handful of clicks at your convenience. This allows Captain Derek to spend his time catching fish with clients! If you are having any issues booking or would rather speak to him in person please don’t hesitate to call Captain Derek.

How does pricing work & what do I tip?

All prices are per boat NOT per person and only your group will be on the boat. Clients usually tip the same way as they do in a restaurant. 15-20% is the norm if you feel your captain did what he could to make sure you had a fun time on the water. We do our best to go above and beyond for all clients. All trips including fishing charters, Maine lobster tours, and our boat tour or sunset cruises require a $100 deposit that will be made upon booking your trip through our online booking system.

What is our cancellation and refund policy?

All cancellations must be made 7 days before the scheduled trip to receive a refund on deposit. If the cancellation is less than 7 days you will not receive a refund for your deposit and you will also be charged for the full charter if we cannot book the cancelled date.

The captain has the right to cancel a trip at any time for weather or mechanical failure. If the trip is canceled before it leaves the dock the trip will be fully refunded if arrangements for another day cannot be made. With your safety in mind rain and cold are not normal grounds for cancelations of trips. If you choose to cancel a trip for your comfort, you will be charged the full trip rate. If a trip is terminated mid trip it will then be charged as an hourly rental rate.

With that said, rain typically is not a reason to cancel a trip as the fish are already wet so they don’t care if it’s raining! We do sometimes make exceptions however for kid’s trips and sunset cruises. The wind/marine forecast is what matters to us.

What do we do to take care of our catch?

There is no need to bring a cooler on the boat for your fish, there is ice and a cooler on board. However you should have something in your vehicle for your trip home. Captain Derek will take care of all the filleting and bagging of fish.

What if I catch a Bluefin Tuna over 73 inches?

Legally all Bluefin Tuna greater than 73” caught aboard become property of the boat and will be sold under the general category. Charters will receive up to 25% off the charter cost after profits. Customers have the choice to release or keep legal slot fish for table fare.